‘Have & Have Not’ Star Assaulted Over Character

‘Have & Have Not’ Star Assaulted Over Character

Angela Robinson star of Tyler Perry’s “The Have & Have Nots” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network, discussed her diabolical character to ABC Radio Networks contributing producer Karu F. Daniels, and revealed that her performance as the homophobic and manipulative Veronica Harrington, upset one fan so much, the woman physically assaulted her.

“There are very few characters like Veronica: truth tellers, smart, educated, a little bit cray-cray and also she has an ability as a woman of a certain age to still be sensual,” Robinson told Karu about her role. “All of that usually doesn’t come in one package in television or in film today.”

angela robinson

“This one lady actually hit me,” she revealed. “[They] usually come and yell at me but this one lady came and slapped me. It was in the back,” she clarified about being hit. “When I said slapped me, somebody thought it was in the face. I would’ve been calling the police.”


March 23rd, 2016

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