New Music – Jonathan Nelson

New Music – Jonathan Nelson

Jonathan Nelson is known for his hit songs and hit songs that he has penned for other artists. Some of those include “Manifest”, “My Name Is Victory”, “Healed”, and “The Struggle Is Over”. Nelson has written for Donald Lawrence, JJ Hairston, Maurette Brown Clark, TD Jakes, Stephen Hurd, and Troy Sneed. His new single. “I Agree” is Caribbean inspired. Jonathan has seen his ministry expand exponentially over the past few years because of his international hit “I Believe”. He’s continuing in that vain with this new single. “I Agree” has the same musical flavor but provides poignant declarations of faith. A standout lyric says “I concur, I agree, I believe… what God says about me, all things are possible, all things.” The song is available for sale on all digital outlets on 3.2! 

His new album is set to release in the summer of 2018.


March 11th, 2018

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