Tasha Cobbs visits Tiny Desk Concerts

Tasha Cobbs visits Tiny Desk Concerts

Her Tiny Desk set started out with one of her favorite songs and her most popular tune, “Break Every Chain,” an anthem that reminds many of us that “there is power in the name of Jesus.”

Her second song, “You Know My Name,” is one Cobbs Leonard wrote a few years ago with South African musician and friend, Brenton Brown. Before beginning she explained that “the song talks about how God knows you outside of what anybody else has called you. Sometimes people will try and speak things over you that God did not design for your life; and no matter what they’ve said about you, He knows who He called you to be and what your purpose is on Earth.” The message was so powerful, many in the audience were moved to tears.

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July 9th, 2019

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