Yolanda Adams Is Soul Trains “Lady Of Soul”

Yolanda Adams Is Soul Trains “Lady Of Soul”

Yolanda Adams’ rise to gospel music iconism distinguished her on BET’s Soul Train Awards stage Sunday night (November 17). 

But well before this honor, Adams’ industry emergence and longstanding Christian faith originated from the pulpits of her hometown. The Texas-bred vocalist spent her early gospel days as a standout voice of Houston’s Southeast Inspirational Choir. Accessing a new world of urban contemporary gospel opportunities, she later signed with Sound of Gospel in 1987, and the Ben Tankard-backed Tribute Records in 1990. Adams’ Elektra Records signage, however, spurred her quantum leap to mainstream recognition with her 1999 opus, Mountain High…Valley Low. 

The gospel and soul laureate has since cultivated a renowned presence as one of the world’s most anointed, reverent and powerful voices of faith. Adams’ luminous spirit attracted  legendary writers and producers such as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, James Wright and Warren Campbell. Her loyalty to ministry elevated her sound to global acclaim, with nearly 10 million records sold worldwide. Her nonpareil influence marked her a four-time Grammy Award-winning soloist. Well-deserved in 2019, her all-encompassing, universal éclat establishes her as our Lady of Soul. 

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November 19th, 2019

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